Q&A with Julie: Making Lavender Wreaths & Swags at the Farm

wreath making classThis summer, our lead florist Julie is teaching wreath-making and swag-making classes at the farm!

To celebrate, we wanted to ask her a few questions about DIYing with fresh flowers.

The verdict: Working with fresh flowers is fun, smells good, gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and bond with dear friends – and, with a few pro tips, you can create something truly special.

Why do you like making crafts with fresh flowers?

Once flowers bloom, you can preserve their beauty by making wreaths and swags that will dry.

This way you get to enjoy the flowers for years to come.

I grew up with flowers. My grandmother had flowers in her garden. I learned to arrange flowers in my twenties, and it’s been my career ever since. I just love how soothing and relaxing it is. It’s fulfilling. Taking something from nature to make your own creation is really fun.

wreath making classWhat’s fun about making a lavender wreath?

Once you learn a few tricks and get the hang of it, you get into a rhythm. Plus, when you work with fresh lavender, you get to enjoy the fragrance the whole time you’re crafting!

What kind of lavender do you like to use in wreaths?

Folgate, Wyckoff, Baby Colby, Melissa and Miss Katherine are my favorite cultivars for lavender wreaths.

These angustifolia types dry well. And using the different colored blooms adds a really nice contrast.

One key to creating a quality wreath is to harvest the lavender at the right time. You want several blooms to be open, but you don’t want the blooms to be too open, or the buds will shatter from the stem once dried. The general rule of thumb is 1/4 to 1/2 of blooms  are open and the other 1/2 or 3/4 flowers have not bloomed yet. To prevent droopy stems harvest early in the morning before the heat arrives.

What about swags, upside-down flower bouquets – What are your top tips for making a fresh flower swag?

In classes, I always tell people to keep the swag wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, so you can layer the flowers down to a point. Pay attention to the sizes of each flower and place the flowers accordingly.

I also love to use rafia throughout a swag to give it a natural look and feel.

What are your favorite flowers to use in a swag?

Lavender, of course! Celosia, delphinium, yarrow, strawflowers, ornamental oregano, gomphrena and statice. These are my absolute favorites.

When are the classes?

This summer at the farm, we’re having classes outdoors in the shade so we can be socially distant. All by appointment! Here’s the schedule:

Lavender Wreath Making Class
June 26 @ 10am – Get your ticket

Lavender Wreath Making Class
June 26 @ noon – Get your ticket

Lavender Swag Making Class
June 26 @ 2pm – Get your ticket

Lavender Wreath Making Class
July 9 @ 5:30-7:00 pm – Get your ticket

Lavender Wand-Making Class
July 23 @ 10:30 am – Get your ticket

Fall Wreath-Making Class
September 11 @ 1:30 pm – Tickets coming soon.

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