All lavender have a different bloom habit and patterns.

You can have continual bloom throughout the season if you incorporate different lavender in your garden or on your farm. As a general rule the angustafolias bloom first, and then followed by the lavandins-hybrid lavenders. You may get sporadic second bloom on the lavandins in September, but the true double bloomers are found amongst the angustafolia or true lavender varieties. Take a peak at the table to guide you.

Bloom Guides

L. Angustifolia

Rocky Mountains and High Desert (Zone 4-6)

ImageVarietyNotesMay JuneJulyAugSepOct
Betty’s Blue, L. AngustifoliaDouble Bloomerlavender spriglavender sprig
Buena Vista, L. AngustifoliaDouble Bloomer, dark purple flowers, lime green foliage, culinary, great borderlavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
Croxton’s Wild, L. AngustifoliaSingle Bloomer – Appears White in Bud Stage then Blooms Medium Violet Flowers, blooms firstlavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
Folgate, L. AngustifoliaDouble Bloomer – blooms early, blue violet, hardylavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
French Fields, L. AngustifoliaContinual Bloomer – Bloom Light Blue Flowerslavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
Hidcote Pink, L. AngustifoliaLight pink flower, larger pink variety, very aromaticlavender sprig
Imperial Gem, L. AngustifoliaBright violet, white center blossom, compact, very sweet aromaticlavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
Maillette18-20" height, blue-violet blooms with strong perfume, silver foliage, top producer of high quality oil, one of the largest English lavenders, Zones 4b-9
Ms. Katherine, L. Angustafolia18-20" height, full sun, light pink and white flowers, with wonderful fragrance, sweet and peppery flavor is great in sweet and savory culinary disheslavender sprig
Melissa, L. Angustifolia Blooms Light Pink and White Flowerslavender sprig
New Zealand BlueLavender colored flowers, early bloomer, 2.5-3" spacing, Zones 4b-9
Purple Bouquet, L. Angustifolia18-24" height, fragrant, dark purple, blooms on long stems, evergreen shrub, double bloom, great fresh-cut and dried-culinary, Zones 4b-9lavender spriglavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig
Royal Purple, L. AngustifoliaLight Purple June Flowers – Several Hundred Flower Blooms Per Stemlavender sprig
Royal Velvet, L. AngustifoliaDeep violet blooms, early, beautiful for crafting and culinarylavender sprig
Tucker’s Early, L. AngustifoliaEarly bloomer, lots of blooms, double bloomer, silver green foliagelavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig

L. x.Intermedia

Rocky Mountains and High Desert (Zone 4-6)

ImageVarietyNotesMay JuneJulyAugSepOct
Edelweiss, L. IntermediaSingle to continual bloomer – Blooms White Flowers, white Grosso, light fragrance, contrasts well with purple lavenderlavender spriglavender sprig
Fat Spike Grossos, L. IntermediaSingle Bloomer – Dark Purple flowers, shorter stem for lavandin; heavy bloom set, purple flowerslavender sprig
Gros Bleu, L. IntermediaSingle Bloomer – Deep Navy Blue Blossoms; refreshing scentlavender sprig
Hidcote Giant, L. Intermedia Long stems, fat flower heads, long lasting fragrancelavender sprig
Impress Purple, L. IntermediaSingle Bloomerlavender sprig
Super, L. IntermediaSingle Bloomer – Bright Violet Blue Flowerslavender sprig
True Grosso. L. Intermedia Single Bloomerlavender sprig
Tuscan Blue, L. IntermediaSingle Bloomer – Light Purple Blossoms. long stems, light fragrancelavender sprig

L. Chaytorae

Rocky Mountains and High Desert (Zone 4-6)

ImageVarietyNotesMay JuneJulyAugSepOct
Ana LuisaSingle Bloomer – Beautiful silver foliage, deep dark purple blossoms,long stemslavender spriglavender sprig
Silver FrostContinual bloomer – Silver foliage, lilac purple blossomslavender spriglavender spriglavender spriglavender sprig