Fresh and clean: DIY natural lavender cleaning products

Are you feeling fresh?

The New Year is a clean slate, a fresh start. A horizon for new possibilities. Whether you’re into resolution-making, or you’re simply feeling ready for a new beginning, New Year is the perfect time for deciding what you want and creating space to make it happen.

Turn your home into a fresh platform for your new beginning with natural cleaning products that are easy to make and even easier to love.

Here are 3 simple recipes for natural cleaning products that make for a fresh and healthy home. Made with lavender, of course.

  1. A truly clean bathroom

Let’s get right down to it: Bathrooms are filled with germs. But that doesn’t mean we have to use harsh chemicals to combat them! Bleach and other toxic cleaners irritate our bodies – even when we don’t touch them, as they dissipate and fill the air that fills our home.

We know that essential oils have measurable properties ranging from antiseptic (disinfectant) to antiviral (effective against viruses).

natural bathroom cleaner

Our all-purpose recipe:

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar. Add 10 drops each of Tea Tree essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and Lavender essential oil, which all contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and prevent mold and mildew from the shower.

You can use the spray throughout the bathroom as a normal cleaner, or spray and walk away for a while to allow the vinegar to break down scum before wiping it up. Spray the inside of the toilet and add baking soda for a thorough clean.

(Did you know? There is a big debate about whether or not bleach actually kills mold. Some say bleach only kills surface mold, while many argue that it merely bleaches it!)

Another recipe for homemade toilet bowl cleaner:

This DIY toilet bowl cleaner recipe by Tips Bulletin also harnesses the power of lavender essential oil, along with baking soda and vinegar. We love that it’s easy to make and that all the ingredients can be found in your pantry – a good sign that you’re working with safe, non-toxic ingredients.

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  1. All the sparkling surfaces

Store-bought cleaners are often promoted for their ability to make everything in your home shiny. But you may find yourself using them constantly to bring that shine back. Why? Many are made with silicone and other chemicals that create instant shine while eating away at wooden surfaces. Besides, if you wouldn’t spray that Magic Cleaner directly onto your sandwich, why would you want to clean your counter with it?

natural surface cleaner

Paola’s Favorite Cleaning Recipe/Tips:

All Purpose No-rinse Floor Cleaner

Can be used to on tile, linoleum and wooden floors.

1 Gallon of warm water
1/2 c. white wine vinegar
1-2 cups of Lavandin hydrosol (use more for very dirty floors)
(if you do not have hydrosol, use 15-20 drops of lavender or lavandin essential oil).

Nothing should go to waste. When you are done cleaning your floors pour used water from the bucket to your toilet bowl. Scrub and flush.

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Another recipe:

Fill a spray bottle with 3% solution hydrogen peroxide. Add 20 drops each of Lavender essential and Lemon essential oil, then add 10 drops of Peppermint essential oil.

This all-purpose surface cleaner is tough on germs and smells great. Experiment with your own recipes by combining your favorite essential oils.

  1. The freshest linens, naturally

We all come into close contact with our linens and carpets. Freshen and clean them with materials that you’d want to put directly onto your skin.

natural fresh linens


This one is simple: Lavandin hydrosol. That’s it! Lavandin hydrosol, aka floral water, contains the same antibacterial, antimicrobial properties as Lavender essential oil in a less concentrated form. Its soft body and aroma makes it a pleasant household spray.

Get it in bulk and fill your favorite spray bottle.

More ideas – Easy ways to naturally freshen your linens:

Use Lavender buds. Add a dryer bag full of lavender buds to your dryer, or make your own by placing buds in a muslin bag. You will get multiple uses out of your dryer bag. It is a natural anti-static as well.

Add hydrosol to your washer. Add to the bleach compartment of your washer.

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So, what are you waiting for? Freshen your home with safe and healthy natural cleaning products.

What is your favorite natural cleaning solution? Tell us in the comments!


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