3 quick and easy ways to support your cause before the New Year

Right now, you’re probably in the middle of the holiday hustle-bustle. You might be avoiding the post office, the mall and the grocery store. But wait — is this what the holidays are all about?

Turn holiday stress on its head by bringing a little giving into your holiday season. (And reap the benefits, too.)

So, what’s your cause?

Your business has the potential to make a difference. It’s a platform for your cause. And the holidays offer context for promoting your cause and doing your part to give back.

Put the two together with these quick and easy ways to support your cause between now and the new year.

1. Offer hints or discounts that benefit your cause

Take our cause as an example: organic farming.

All of our products, from body care to culinary, support organic farming practices. This month, we put together a list for our customers highlighting some our favorite gifts to give this holiday season.

Our sales support our sustainable farming practices, just like your sales directly enable you to do the work that you do.

Putting this fact into context, such as holiday gift-giving, reminds your customers of the intentional work you’re doing.

2. Set up a donation box

Your business is a platform — a physical platform! Putting out a donation box for your cause is one of the simplest ways to bring charity into your work.

During our 1st annual Holiday Open House, we offered lavender hot cocoa and holiday gift-wrapping to our customers, free or by donation. We set out a donation box that read, “All proceeds benefit Child & Migrant Services”.

Whether you offer something special or simply put out a donation box, you’re opening the door for your customers to give a little. And together, you and your customers can make a difference.

2. Give away inspiring content

Giving content to your customers can greatly impact your relationship with them. While building trust and friendship, content also gives your customers a chance to get on board with your mission. Your cause.

Offer inspiring content like recipes with resources for getting local ingredients, how-to’s that weave in ways to support your cause, or insights that will help your customers grow.

These little gifts will, over time, benefit your business, your customers, and your cause.

So, what is your cause? And what will you do between now and the new year to support it?

Tell us in the comments below! Share your ideas with our community of business leaders and customers seeking sensible creations.

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