The making of a sage creation

Sage, noun:

an herb, Salvia officinalis, whose grayish-green leaves are used in medicine and in cooking.


wise, judicious, or prudent.

When it comes to creating something beautiful, like a handmade wreath or a carefully distilled essential oil, our ingredients matter.

A beautiful creation comes from beautiful inputs: properly dried flowers that retain their vibrant colors; lavender buds harvested at the height of their oil content.

A sage creation accomplishes this and more. We use beautiful ingredients to make beautiful products, practicing wisdom and prudence all the while.

Growing everything from flowers to produce organically, we’re off to a good start. Since we start all our plants from seed right here at the farm, we know they are happy and healthy when they go out into the field.

Come harvest time, we carefully await the right moments, when flowers and herbs are at their peak. Gomphrena, for example, is best picked when the flowers are big yet still round. As they grow larger, they become oblong, but by then they are beginning to go to seed and won’t hold their shape as well when dried.

Harvesting #gomphrena stem by stem to catch it at just the right stage for drying #fullcirclefarming

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Lavender harvest has its own unique qualities. We rise early in the morning and harvest by hand while its cool so that the lavender retains its oil content. Catching it at just the right bloom stage is also key to harvesting high quality lavender.

As lavender harvest comes to an end, it’s another beautiful morning on the farm. #sundayfunday

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We make our way down the rows of lavender, cutting and bundling as we go. Some days, we harvest a crate full.

Other days, we fill up a whole truck bed.

After harvesting, we dry lavender and other flowers here at the farm by hanging them upside down in bundles.

Different flowers like different amounts of air and moisture as they dry, so we keep a close eye on changing conditions and adjust accordingly.

And with some creativity and skill, dried flowers become eye-catching wreaths.

We love Julie and her talent! #wreathsarentjustforchristmas #organicalltheway

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A sage creation incorporates wisdom into each step of the process. By growing organically, we’re taking care of our watershed and the planet we live on. In doing so, we can create high-quality products in a sustainable way.

From produce to dried lavender bundles, dried flower wreaths to potent essential oil, our sage creations are the products of prudence.

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