Eco-friendly packaging: Is it worth the cost?

As a mission-driven organic farm, we’re always thinking of ways to take better care of our planet, whether they’re small actions or on a larger scale.

We believe that our daily actions have a big impact on our environmental footprint, and at Sage Creations, we help move the needle toward more sustainable agricultural and retail practices.

how to grow good tomatoes

Conserving the earth’s resources and treating our big home well is not always about taking massive action. In fact, we believe it’s more about the small steps we take every day to reduce our footprints and be better stewards.

In a previous blog post, we described some of the ways we feel rewarded by doing what we can to be more eco-friendly, and we outlined a few steps we’d take at the farm and at home to be more eco-conscious, one step at a time. In another post, we talked about conscious consumerism: What is it, and why does it matter?

Conscious consumerism is an awareness. It’s understanding the power of our buying decisions on our local communities, the global community and the planet.

Every time we buy something, we cast a vote for everything that brought that product into existence. We vote for the way that company’s treated its employees, the kind of materials they used and how they extracted them, the kind of packaging they chose.

Recognizing that our purchases have a meaning and impact beyond our individual lives is conscious consumerism. Being aware of our buying power is important year-round. But it’s especially necessary during the holidays, when there is so much consumption happening around us.

As we wrap up the growing season here on the farm and enter into the holiday season, we’re naturally thinking about our products.

Quality is inherent in all our products, since we grow the organic lavender and other ingredients that goes into them (and we are fantastic growers! :)).

Still, we continue to ask ourselves, when it comes to the sustainability of our products and practices: How can we do better?

The clear answer: Packaging.

Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to waste. Even when it’s recycled, massive amounts of resources are used.

Many of our products are already in glass containers, as we’ve made a conscious effort over the past decade to use less plastic on our farm and in our shop. This year, one product in particular stands out as an opportunity to go further: Lip Balm.

What would you do?

Our three flavors of lip balm are so popular! Made with olive oil, beeswax and organic essential oils, our lip balms are definitely crowd favorites.

And as of now, they come in classic plastic containers. So we’re wondering…

Would you pay extra for eco-friendly packaging?

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Part of conscious consumerism is making buying decisions for reasons beyond price.

As we consider shifting towards eco-friendly cardboard packaging for our lip balms, we’d love to know what you think! How much is eco-friendly packaging worth to you?

Cast your vote and let us know!

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