DIY Lavender Holiday Season

It’s getting chillier, and you know what that means!

Time for wool socks, hot cocoa – and crafts.

Embrace the shorter days and cooler temperatures with open arms, and make this holiday season a DIY Lavender Holiday Season.

There are so many things we love about lavender, but two in particular make it an extra special herb: It’s simple and it’s versatile.

Lavender has a classic feel to it. Maybe it’s because of the plant’s roots in old Europe and ancient Rome. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the herb’s wonderful aroma. Or maybe it’s the humble quality of lavender that makes it feel so classic. It’s simple.

And yet –

There is so much you can do with lavender. It’s such a versatile herb that with a touch of creativity, you can transform it into nearly anything, from a truffle to a luxurious body oil and everything in between. With lavender, a little a DIY-attitude goes a long way.

So, how will you incorporate this simple and versatile herb into your holiday season?

Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

Get a jumpstart on gift-giving this season by cozying up in your slippers and getting crafty. Making your own gifts is a great way to save money and give personalized gifts that your friends and family will love.

When crafting with dried lavender buds, the possibilities are endless. Create sachets of all shapes and sizes, whether you use your sewing skills or opt for a no-sew option like fillable sachet bags. Mix lavender buds with other herbs to create teas, potpourris or culinary blends. Or, mix them with salts and essential oils to make aromatic bath salts.

(Be sure to buy culinary lavender buds if you plan to make edible creates. Culinary lavender is held to food-grade standards, is sifted more times to reduce the amount of leaves in the mix, and is a variety of English lavender with better, sweeter flavor.)

Lavender hydrosol, essential oils and dried bouquets are all great supplies for making decorative, edible and cosmetic creations. The rest is up to you.

Click here for 75 homemade holiday gift ideas. And don’t forget to tell us all about your creations here on our blog.

Happy crafting!

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