Bring home the healing

We too often think of healing as a luxury. A special occasion. A trip to the spa. When in fact, healing can happen every day and in many little ways.

When we incorporate healing into our day-to-day lives, and we are consistent in our commitment to ourselves, our mind-body-and-souls are all the better for it. Everyday healing keeps us healthier, happier, more focused. And when we are these things, we are also more capable of doing what it is that makes us tick. We are more able to serve others, to succeed in our endeavors and to pursue our passions.

So, in the spirit of healing, here are a few ideas to help you incorporate healing into your everyday life. Perhaps you’ll also be inspired to share these tips – or healing practices of your own – with your customers, employees and friends, so that they too can be reminded of the power of self-care and well-being.


Aroma has a profound effect on our minds. Many have studied if and how and why aromatherapy works in calming and relaxing the mind – but aside from the science of it, we all know from our own experiences what it feels like to stick your nose into a bundle of fresh flowers, or to smell something cooking that transports you into a memory from long ago.

Smell is a powerful healing tool, and it’s used in many bodywork and therapy practices. Essential oils have potent medicinal qualities, and they can be absorbed by the body through the air or topically, through the skin. Incorporating pleasant scents into your daily life can empower you to shift your mood towards the way you want to feel.

Here are a few ways to do just that:

  1. Diffuse. Essential oil diffusers are an easy and wonderful way to absorb and enjoy essential oils every day. Just a few drops of essential oil (sometimes in water, depending on your diffuser) can fill your home or office throughout the day.
  2. Apply. While some essential oils should not be directly applied to the skin without dilution, Lavender essential oil can be applied directly. Just place a few drops on your pulse points, and allow your body to absorb its goodness. (And meanwhile, take a sniff to enjoy the aromatic effect.) Use Lavender essential oil to calm and relax, or Lavandin essential oil to stimulate and awaken.
  3. Smell. Light lavender-scented candles to enjoy the smell of lavender and the vision of a delicate flame. Buy one or make your own. Opt for natural candles made with real herbs and essential oils. Synthetic chemicals are often irritating or event toxic, while natural ingredients offer medicinal elements.


Yes, everyone needs a good pampering sometimes. And why not make that ‘sometimes’ a part of your daily routine?

Pre-script: These aren’t just for women, spa-goers or the wealthy. Everyone deserves to feel respected – and the best way to do that is to respect your own mind and body.

  1. Cleanse. Refresh yourself with a clean face and body. Sugar- and salt-based scrubs offer exfoliation for a natural cleanse, so that you feel fresh and ready-for-action.
  2. Moisturize. Coconut oil, grapeseed oil and other natural oils offer good fats – the kind our bodies crave. Soften your skin with rich products, like our non-greasy Harmony Lavender Patchouli Body Oil, so that you feel a little bit pampered each day.
  3. Spritz. Give yourself a little extra treat with a spritz of love. Spray Hydrosol or Lavender Mist before you walk out the door, and say a little mantra to get you going.


Feeling cozy is the ultimate healing practice. Take a few moments each day to sit with yourself and your thoughts. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have time, but you may discover that you end up living more productively, calmly and happily by dedicated a few moments to yourself.

Too antsy to just sit, you say? Here are a few ways to get grounded:

  1. Sip on tea. A nice herbal tea is the perfect companion for Me-time. Spend just 5 minutes focused on sipping delicious tea, and see what happpens.
  2. Stretch. It’s not just for yogis. Stretching is a powerful tool for all of us, whether we spend too many hours at our computers, or long days out on the farm, working our bodies. 5 minutes! Sit down and stretch it out. This healing practice will do wonders.
  3. Read. Maybe it’s one book that you return to for just a few minutes each day. Maybe it’s a poem each week that you re-read each day, or a new poem each day. Read something that motivates you, interests you, inspires you, lifts you up or brings you back down to earth. Whatever it is, words can be a powerful and positive interruption that bring us fresh perspective in our day-to-day lives.

Now, if you’re still reading, you’ve committed to your own healing already. Congratulations! You deserve it.

Take some time to heal today, and everyday, and ask yourself how you can remind those in your circles to take time for their own healing, too.

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  • Oneida Lopez

    I love lavender. I just discovered your web page and fell in love with it. It is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to make your recipes and to read, read, read more. Thank you!


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