Wintertime reflections and the helping hands that keep our farm going

Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees, the air is quiet and the cold is setting in, I’m beginning to reflect on the last growing season.

Winter is a natural time for reflection, especially for a farmer. Just like the plants we tend to all spring, summer and fall, we people get to go dormant, ground ourselves, and rest.

By far, this has been my most hectic growing season yet. Lavender, tomatoes, peppers and herbs – all our crops were abundant. We endured extreme weather this year, it being unbearably hot and incredibly dry. We’re facing a wonderful period of growth here at the farm, which comes with many challenges and much to be grateful for.

I’m reflecting on the importance of the employees that work here on the farm. Without their hard work, which comes from a place of sincere love of and dedication to our beautiful farm, we would never be able to achieve so much, year after year. I’m reflecting on my family, Bobby, Anna, and Sophia who all pitch in when need be.

So, here’s a thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the helping hands that cultivate the growth and abundance that takes place here on our farm, including Juana, Ignacia, Mariana, Miguel, Julie, Jesse & Crew. Also many Thanks to Bill, Ben, Marcela , Darrel, Romelia, Yesnia and Dorothy who also helped on the farm this season.

And thank you – for supporting our family farm, our organic growing practices, and our commitment to bringing organic fruit, vegetables, lavender plants and products to homes and farms across the country.

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