The ABC’s of Wholesale Hydrosol

In the process of distilling lavender, capturing its essence and transforming its buds into high-quality essential oil, something else happens. Hydrosol, the essence-infused floral water solution with so many uses, is formed.

As a by-product of essential oil steam-distillation, lavender hydrosol contains some of the water-soluble micro-molecules of essential oils and of plant components. That is, hydrosol is not simply watered-down essential oil. It’s not a mist, and it cannot be synthetically created, as micro-drops of essential oil remain intact in the floral water solution.

Hydrosol is a part of distillation, and it is a product with many aromatic, therapeutic and practical uses.

So many uses, in fact, that lavender hydrosol has its own ABC’s: aromatherapy, base, cleaning and culinary.


Aromatherapists love lavender for its long shelf-life and diverse functionality. The lavender aroma has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body. As if experiencing the relaxing results of lavender’s aroma, scientific studies have also proved its reputation. Evidence suggests that smelling lavender can slow down the nervous system, improve quality of sleep, and act as a mood-lifter for people with difficulties sleeping.

Massaging with lavender hydrosol also has a soothing, therapeutic effect. Less potent than essential oil, hydrosol can be applied on the skin without dilution. In fact, its perfect acid balance of 5.5 matches that of human skin, making it a bodyworker’s ideal companion.

Lavender hydrosol’s compound structure is also what makes it so useful as a


Base. Hydrosol’s gentle, essence-rich make-up provides crafters of body care products with a foundation for high-quality goods. Here are a few ways to use lavender hydrosol as a base (or by itself) in self-care remedies:

  • aftershave toner
  • before-makeup toner
  • after-makeup toner, to help it set
  • no-makeup toner, to freshen a naked face
  • in a spray, to freshen hair
  • gargled, as a mouthwash
  • to clean cuticles and underneath the nails
  • sprayed on freshly manicured nails to help them dry
  • to clean hands and messy faces
  • mixed with Aloe as an after-sun healing treatment
  • sprayed on a baby’s bum to prevent diaper rash
  • sprayed on pillows to freshen them up for a good night’s sleep
  • in a bath, for ultra-luxurious soaking
  • as a base for insect repellent

Using lavender hydrosol as a base in body care products allows you to put your own spin on a unique product, while trusting that the foundation of your cosmetic is of the highest quality.

Now, we arrive at


And there are so many uses for lavender hydrosol that C stands for two categories: cleaning and culinary.

As a cleaning product, lavender hydrosol does wonders. Lavender’s antiseptic qualities work to sanitize surfaces without the toxins that harsh chemical cleaners rely on to do the same job. Hydrosol’s gentle nature makes it suitable on more fragile materials like leather and wood. Of course, its scent is divine, leaving you with a naturally clean room that smells fresh and soothing. Use lavender hydrosol by itself or as a base for a handy household cleaner.

And best of all, cleaning with a product that you would also put in your mouth is always an indicator of a good-for-the-earth, good-for-the-family practice.

Incorporating lavender hydrosol into some of your recipes will make for a wowed crowd. Add lavender hydrosol to champagne for a special bubbly beverage. Mix with water to make ice cubes for a delectably cold summer lemonade. Cooking with lavender is always an adventure, and adding hydrosol to your toolkit can make for more interesting and spontaneous creations.

For retailers, success often comes down to packaging – to presentation. What makes lavender hydrosol so special is that it is authentically a high-quality product that can be used successfully in many different scenarios.

Lavender hydrosol can be presented in many different ways. Finding the ways that suit your business is the fun part. Knowing that our lavender hydrosol is of the highest quality, and that your customer will benefit from its properties, makes offering lavender hydrosol even better.

Whether you’re using organic lavender hydrosol in your own unique creations, or presenting it to your customers in ways that reflect your business’s mission, trust in the power of lavender hydrosols, and always remember your ABC’s.

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