Sustainable choices in the world of flowers

Fresh-cut flowers can transform the feeling of a room. It’s no wonder why flowers are always on the shopping list when it comes to planning parties and events. But as we all know, roses aren’t blooming in the dead of winter, and supermarket flowers certainly have their flaws.

So what’s a flower-lover to do? We’ve got a few ideas.

sustainable flower bouquetsGoing local

Grocery store flower bouquets almost always come from overseas, traveling thousands of miles in refrigerated trucks to reach their US destinations. Not only does this importing take a toll on the environment, it also takes profits out of local economies.

Buying flowers locally, from farms, greenhouses and nurseries, is a great way to support the local community and get ahold of higher quality flowers. Since they’re not tired from traveling around the globe, locally grown flowers are much more likely to look better and last longer.

Supporting organic

When you think of a field of flowers, what comes to mind? Hint: they work hard, buzz around and turn pollen into honey…

Yep, bees. Buying certified organic flowers means that you’re supporting a clean and welcoming environment for bees and all of our hard-working pollinators and beneficial insects. Plus, there’s no need to think twice about sticking your nose right into an organic blossom.

What’s in season?

When shopping for flowers, ask your local florist or supermarket about what’s available. Find out which flowers were grown locally, and which flowers are certified as VeriFlora Sustainably Grown. This certification indicates that flowers were grown with practices meeting sustainability standards including fair working conditions, protection of soil and water resources, and ecosystem protection, among others.

With spring around the corner, locally grown fresh flowers will be more available. In the meantime, why not look to dried flowers, which were picked at their prime?

At Sage Creations Organic Farm, we pick flowers and herbs when they’re naturally looking their best. We hang them upside-down to dry in a dark environment, so the flowers maintain their vibrant colors and shapes. We offer dried lavender bundles and dried flower bundles for businesses and crafters who want to make their own unique bouquets and dried flower products.

We also use our dried flowers and herbs to create wreaths, swags, ribboned bouquets and more.

sustainable flower bouquets

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