It’s springtime at the farm

Spring is a special time on the farm. The bees are waking up and buzzing around. The birds are singing. The chickens love all the new weeds and bugs, and the fruit trees look beautiful bearing blossoms – all while we humans are busy starting seeds, transplanting plants, and preparing rows for tomatoes and peppers.

It all comes and goes while we gear up for growing season, so we decided to capture the special beauty of early spring in this video:

We love watching the farm change throughout the year. There is a great rhythm to it all, and we love sharing it with our guests.

Early spring is also a special time when we get to reveal all of our new offerings. Every year, our selection of plant starts grows. We grow heirloom and rare varieties of fruits and vegetables, along with culinary and medicinal herbs that thrive after transplanting. All certified organic and all sustainably grown.

View this year’s available plant varieties

We’re especially excited about these 3 new offerings:

Juane Flamme heirloom tomato

Apricot-orange fruits grow in elongated trusses. Their fruity flavor is a blend of sweet and tart. These tomatoes are great for drying, roasting and canning, and they retain their deep orange color afterward.

Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper

This variety produces loads of deep purple bells on compact, bushy plants. Their crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor makes this one popular with everyone.


This fast-growing medicinal is a veterinary and permaculture herb. Roots contain allantoin, a substance known to aid granulation and cell formation. Leaves are great for livestock – Chickens love them. It’s also used as a compost inoculant and to make biodynamic compost tea.

Join us at the farm this spring to experience the early season hustle-bustle. And better yet, keep joining us throughout the season, through summer and into early fall, and feel the rhythm of the farm for yourself!

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