Lavandula angustafolia ‘Folgate’: The versatile variety

One of the first of the year to bloom, Folgate lavender is a coveted favorite.

This English Lavender (L. angustafolia) variety grows neat and tidy on a fairly compact bush. Its flowers bloom a vibrant violet-blue that bees, butterflies and florists absolutely adore.

folgate lavender

Growing Folgate

Arriving first in late spring, Folgate makes a second appearance in the summertime. Its iridescent florets have a sweet fragrance and refreshing taste. Landscapers and gardeners love its size and often use Folgate in perennial borders, low hedges and rock gardens.

If kept warm and in sunlight in the winter, the compact plant is even suitable in large pot. For these reasons, Folgate is the variety we recommend for new lavender growers and enthusiasts alike. As a particularly hardy cold-winter variety, Folgate is especially loved here on the Western Slope of Colorado.


Creating with Folgate

At Sage Creations Organic Farm, we use Folgate Lavender in both fresh and bouquets. De-budded, we offer Folgate as a dried culinary lavender and use it in our organic blend of Herbes du Provence.

First developed before 1933 by Linn Chilvers of Norfolk, England, Folgate lavender is a versatile herb that has much to offer us as growers and home gardeners. Once cultivated, it serves so many purposes, adding beauty and utility to any flower shop, restaurant, wedding or spa it might encounter.

Find fresh lavender bundles, dried lavender and finished products at the farm to bring a bit of Folgate into your life.

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