Dried Lavender Bundles: Bundles of value

One of our best-selling products is quite simple. This is probably what makes it so desirable, as lavender is naturally both beautiful and incredibly beneficial – it’s born with it.
Dried lavender bundles capture the essence of lavender, enchanting us with their color, scent and form. We are drawn to the possibilities that come to mind: where we might hang them, what vase we might put them in, how amazing it will feel to walk into a room filled with the aroma of dried lavender.
And then we find out how long they will hold their color and scent!
Dried lavender bundles are simply divine, reminding us of the xeriscape plant that prefers harsh conditions and produces both calming and invigorating aromas that range from sweet to pungent, flowers that bloom white to blueish purple and every color in between, leaves that glisten green or silvery grey, pollen that bees adore, oils that soothe and heal, buds that dry and hold their power for years –
…Well, only after we learn this, of course, can the simply stunning dried lavender bouquets remind us of the wonder that is the lavender plant.
(And we haven’t even gotten started on how it’s processed.)
Here is an infographic to help you and your customers understand and appreciate all that goes into growing and processing a dried lavender bundle.
Click to enlarge, print and enjoy.
Dried Lavender Bundles Point of Sale Print Out

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