DIY: 3 natural holiday decorations that will light up your home

This time of year, it’s fun to wander through the garden and observe how plants transform with the arrival of cold weather. Evergreens seem more brilliant and rich beside dormant perennials and annuals that have gone to seed. Some flowers become amazing seed pods!

It’s fun to take walks, fallen leaves covering the ground, and observe this phase in the circle of life.

The inspiration is all around us: fall is everywhere! Why not bring the beauty of fall into the home?

Here at the farm, we love to bring the outdoors in by creating beautiful things out of natural materials. Of course, hanging holiday wreaths is our favorite way to decorate for the holiday season. But there are a few more ways that we bring Nature into the home during the holidays.

Here are 3 natural holiday decorations that you can make to light up your home this season.

Dried flower and seed pod centerpiece

Step One: Harvest and gather

What is in your backyard or in your garden? We found pinecones, evergreens, grapevines, seed pods from poppy flowers and sunflowers, willow and flowers that we cut and dried during the summer and fall, herbs both dried and fresh. Our inspiration was the sunflower seed pods in this arrangement.

DIY Natural Holiday Decor

Step Two: Choose a vase and some rock to hold stems in place

Step Three: Bring in holiday colors

Keep it all natural or break out the paint for some glitter. We spray painted the poppy and sunflower pods so they would stand out.

DIY Natural Holiday Decor

Step Four: Arrange

DIY Natural Holiday Decor

Step Five: Decorate

Finish off with a ribbon or use greens and dried flowers to decorate your base. We used dried Red Gomphrena and fresh-cut Juniper.

DIY Natural Holiday Decor

Herbal candle holders

Create aromatic and aesthetically pleasing candle holders using herbs and glass containers. Fill a glass jar or stemless wine glass with dried or fresh herbs, then place a candle in the center. You can mix and match different herbs and types of glasses to create the look your going for. Try dried lavender buds, dried lavender sprigs, fresh rosemary sprigs or fresh sage leaves — the possibilities are endless!

Dried pepper holiday garland

This is another holiday decoration project that can incorporate just about anything you have on hand. String together dried peppers, citrus slices, herbs and berries to create a holiday garland. Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

Eucalyptus + Red Chili Peppers

Lavender + Sage

Rosemary + Juniper

Cascading Oregano + Pine Cones

DIY Natural Holiday Decor

What is your favorite DIY natural holiday decoration? Tell us in the comments below! 

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