75 ways to sell the gift of lavender this holiday season

Give the gift of lavender this holiday season – and add your own special touch. Whether you’re creating and selling products at your restaurant or store, or putting gifts together for a special few, lavender is a fun and sustainable gift that everyone will love.

That’s right. Lavender is not just for mom anymore. It’s chic, tasty, delectable, subtle – dinner or desert. Hot or cold. Wearable, edible, aesthetic. It’s the main gift or the cherry on top.

Lavender is what you make it – and how you give it.

Here are 75 ways to give the gift of lavender this holiday season. May this list inspire your seasonal sales and help you discover how you can add your own personal touch.

For the foodies

  1. Honey lavender shortbread
  2. Chocolate lavender shortbread
  3. Chocolate lavender shortbread cookies
  4. Chocolate cupcakes with lavender goat cheese frosting
  5. Sweet and savory spice rub
  6. Lavender-infused honey
  7. Chocolate lavender fudge with salted caramel top
  8. Lavender mint herbal tea
  9. Herbes de Provence
  10. Organic Culinary Lavender
  11. Organic Culinary Lavender Sample Pack

For the stylish

  1. Essential oil bottle necklace
  2. Lavender buds in a bottle necklace
  3. Use sprigs of lavender to accent accessories

To keep them warm

lavender hot chocolate

  1. Josephine’s Lavender Hot Chocolate
  2. Sweet honey and lavender marshmallows
  3. Add English Lavender Essential Oil to coffee or tea – just a little!

And to cool them down

  1. Lavender kombucha
  2. Refreshing lavender soda
  3. White chocolate chunk lavender ice cream
  4. Create a spiced hot drink mix, and give it with a mug

For a cozy home

  1. Make herbal smudge sticks out of dried herbs and lavender sprigs
  2. Mix lavender buds with dehydrated citruses to create a lavender potpourri
  3. Lavender candles
  4. Lavender soap
  5. Therapeutic lavender rice heat compress
  6. Lavender Neck Wrap
  7. Essential oil set
  8. Create a pet-friendly air freshener using organic lavender hydrosol
  9. Lavender mist
  10. Lavender pillows
  11. Little dream pillows
  12. Lavender hearts
  13. …And other sewed shapes-and-sizes filled with dried lavender buds (Hint: this is where your personal touch comes in!)
  14. Drawer sachet
  15. Dried lavender wreath or mixed flower wreath – perfect for the holiday season and all year long
  16. Surround a candle with lavender buds inside of a glass jar or vase
  17. Sew lavender buds into a quilt to stuff into a pillow case
  18. Give essential oils along with a diffuser to send aromas throughout the home
  19. Wrap the outside of a glass bowl or wide-mouth jar with sprigs of dried lavender for a chic floating candle holder
  20. Use dried lavender sprigs and stems, mixed with other dried herbs or dehydrated apples, to make an aromatic firestarter

For a clean home

  1. Create an all-natural house cleaner with hydrosol and vinegar
  2. Make an eco-friendly surface cleaner with lavender and tea tree essential oils
  3. Mix up a great floor cleaner using vinegar, lavender essential oil and water
  4. Refresh linens with lavender mist
  5. Create re-usable dryer bags using lavender buds and fabric or cheesecloth
  6. Use dry lavender buds as a natural carpet cleaner by spreading them around on the floor, letting them sit and vaccuuming them up – the buds absorb odors and leave a fresh aroma
  7. Lavender hydrosol alone is great for wiping down electronic appliances
  8. Wash clothes in a natural detergent made of lavender essential oil and Washing Soda

Turn home into a spa

  1. Mix up a variety of sea salts and lavender buds to make your own lavender bath salts
  2. Create a lavender-scented face scrub with hydrosol and essential oil
  3. Make fizzy lavender bath bombs
  4. Sooth skin with our Harmony lavender patchouli body oil
  5. Create ambiance with a dried lavender bouquet
  6. Make a revitalizing lavender peppermint foot scrup with essential oils
  7. Give a Spa-in-a-Jar
  8. Make a luxurious tea bath using lavender buds and dried herbs – give with a reusable tea bag
  9. Make a lavender bubble bath using essential oils and castile soap
  10. Mix vanilla, cane sugar and lavender essential oil to make a sweet body scrub

Embrace the holiday spirit

  1. Add a lavender sprig to holiday cards
  2. Decorate blank holiday cards with mini lavender wreaths
  3. Create tree ornaments by hanging miniature dried lavender bouquets upside down, tied with lace
  4. Fill transparent Christmas tree ornaments with lavender sprigs – try using different varieties for more color
  5. Lavender and popcorn Christmas tree garland
  6. Miniature lavender Christmas tree
  7. Using twine, lavender sprigs and clothes pins, create a decorative garland to display holiday cards
  8. Sew tiny sachets in the shape of Christmas stockings to give with gifts or to hang on the tree

Jazz up any gift with sachets and sprigs

  1. Use a sachet as an earring holder
  2. Tie a sachet to a necklace or bracelet
  3. Decorate wrapped gifts with a mini sachet
  4. Scrap the gift-wrap, and use newspaper or paper bags instead – tie sprigs of lavender and rosemary to the corner for instant-chic
  5. Tie a sachet to a gift card with a ribbon and you’re good to go!
  6. Knit little sachets filled with lavender for a wintery gift
  7. Fill a coffee mug with a bouquet of dried lavender
  8. Create a Madely’s stamped lavender sachet with your signature image

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