7 reasons to keep half gallons of hydrosol handy

The more we distill lavender hydrosol, the more we realize how wonderful it is.

Over the years, essential oils and their many uses have become more well known. Hydrosol, however, also known as floral water or distillate, is still making its debut in the public eye.

Lavender Hydrosol

Back in the early days of distillation, hydrosol – the aromatic water that’s also produced while distilling plant material – was considered a mere byproduct of essential oil production. Distillers tossed it out, unaware of its amazing medicinal properties and practical applications.

Nowadays, we know better.

In fact, at Sage Creations Organic Farm, we distill many herbs precisely for hydrosol production!

Lavender hydrosolYou may see hydrosol sprays in bath and body stores and natural markets. We bottle some of our favorite hydrosols in 4 oz. mister bottles, to be used as facial toner or linen spray.

But hydrosol has so many applications, we like having it in half-gallon jars! Like white vinegar, baking soda or coconut oil, lavender hydrosol is one of those go-to products that never fails.

You may be thinking: What in the world would I do with a half-gallon of hydrosol? Our answer is, well, just about anything.

Lavender hydrosol holds its own against synthetic home and body products, providing a natural alternative to many conventional items. Here are some of our favorite applications.

7 uses for lavender hydrosol

  1. Soften your clothes

Lavender hydrosol

Hydrosol does a fantastic job at softening clothes and ridding them of musty smells. Lavender hydrosol is such a crisp, clean aroma that’s still subtle, so using it as a fabric softener leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean.

  1. Clean the interior of your car

Lavandin, L. x. intermedia, is a very effective cleaner due to its high terpene compounds. The Lavandin versatile hydrosol cleans both hard surfaces and fabric surfaces wonderfully, making it a great tool for cleaning the inside of your car.

With all the same anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are in Lavandin essential oil, Lavandin hydrosol helps get rid of the germs and sticky messes that build up in our car interiors, leaving behind a sweet, subtle aroma.

  1. Wipe counters and floors

We love to mix Lavandin hydrosol with white vinegar to use as a floor cleaner. The blend picks up spills and dirt while acting as a disinfectant.

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  1. Clean cuts on people and pets

Lavandin hydrosol is gentle, but holds all the plant power of lavender. Use hydrosol to clean minor scrapes, and soothe rashes and bug bites. Its gentleness makes lavender hydrosol a helpful healing tool for kids and furry friends.

  1. Take luxurious baths

Hydrosol has a soft consistency – an earthy smoothness that feels both revitalizing and soothing to the skin. Taking a bath with a lavender hydrosol and salts creates a spa experience right at home.

  1. Create your own bath & body products

Lavender hydrosol

Use lavender hydrosol as a base for homemade facial cleansers, salves, hair and skin toners, deodorants and more.

  1. Make delicious drinks and desserts

Lavender drinks

From cocktails to infused waters, hydrosol adds a refreshing and interesting flavor to drinks. Use just a quarter teaspoon per pint – a little goes a long way. Cooking with lavender hydrosol is also a great way to infuse your foods with the taste of lavender.

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